Sunday, 1 May 2011

10. Lungeing To Say I Love You

Lungeing To Say I Love You

It was a scorcher of a day at EA Equestrian, but despite the temperature, lessons continued as usual. David had decided to lunge Tamarind in the field as the outdoor arena was fully booked.

“And trrrrrot”

Tamarind tossed his head and strode into a beautifully extended trot; his long dark mane drifting slightly in the breeze.

“Good boy Tam, steaaaaady”

David flicked the lunge whip slightly and Tamarind picked up the pace a little.

As he circled him round once more, David noticed that he didn’t have Tam’s full attention…

He flicked the whip again and Tam put his head down and trotted back on quietly.

“What a glorious day!” Abigail remarked. “Summer has finally made it this far north!”
Sue laughed and Abigail looked up at the sky with a smile on her face. “I mean look at that…blue sky and everything!”

The chestnut sabino mare snorted quietly and walked on steadily.


“Taaaam?…Taaaaaam?....Oi! TAMARIND!"

David felt like screaming. What had started out as a pretty ordinary schooling session appeared to have turned into mission impossible in only a matter of minutes.
His horse was standing perfectly still with his ears pricked towards the new horse that had just entered the field and nothing he said or did seemed to be able to make him move.

Tamarind practically twitched with excitement. Not only was there a new horse at the yard but it was a mare.

Suddenly, he made a decision and shot forwards into canter from a standstill. David was knocked to the ground and Tam loped towards the new mare, mane and tail flying like streamers in the wind.

“What’s all this then?!” Abigail cried as the big grey lump barged his way towards the mare. “David? Why aren’t you keeping him under control? I’m trying to teach a lesson over here!”

David got to his feet and rolled his eyes when he saw Tam. He was whinnying excitedly and prancing around like an idiot in front of Abigail, Sue and the new horse who seemed completely unfazed by his antics.
Picking up the fallen lunge whip, he walked over to them, grabbed Tam and apologised to Sue and Abigail.

“Sorry about that…I think he’s getting a little too hyper. know the sort of thing...”

“Is this the new horse you were telling me about?”

“Oh yes,” Abigail replied, nodding smugly. “We bought her unseen from a very well respected dealer. It’s not something I usually do but well…it paid off as you can no doubt see! Her name is Kestral”

Kestral stood quietly, completely ignoring Tamarind’s increasingly frustrated snorts and whinnies.

“Anyway” said Abigail. “I’ll leave you to your schooling – we’re going to do some jumping!” and with that, she led Kestral away

David waved them off and leaned over to Tam as he watched the pair disappear into the distance.

“I don’t think she’s that interested in you I’m afraid.”

Minutes past, and although still a bit grumpy, Tamarind showed no sign of resistance and trotted around perfectly, almost too perfectly in fact.

Eventually, he could take it no more and Tamarind made a break for it…

Kestral snorted and you could almost hear the boredom in the sound.

The Lusitano held his head high and started to show off his paces, which he thought should be enough to amaze a pretty mare.
Sadly, she wasn’t really that impressed.

Tam was mortified.

Surely no one could resist him?

Unfortunately for him…Kestral could.

She did the equine equivalent of rolling her eyes at him and walked off, leaving Tamarind still trying to attract her attention.

As David took control of the unruly stallion, he could hear Abigail giving him a further telling off in the distance. He sighed. It was just typical. Tam had been going so well up until the mare appeared.

“Alright then you, we’ll watch them jump and then we’re going home. You’re grounded until you learn to control yourself with a little more decorum.” He snorted to himself as he spoke. Like that was ever going to happen.

As he watched Kestral and Sue clear the fence, Tamarind had an idea…

“Tam! What are you dooaaaaaugh!”

For the second time that day, David found himself on the floor whilst his horse was already halfway to the mare.
But, to his complete surprise, he didn’t rush over to her. Instead he made for the fence…

Immensely proud of himself, Tamarind trotted back to David, swishing his tail with a very smug expression, which was swiftly wiped from his face when he saw Kestral.

David frowned. This was unlike Tam. Judging by his past behaviour he should be prancing around like an idiot and flirting like mad but he was doing nothing of the sort…

Instead, he approached Kestral with his head lowered, whickering quietly and shuffling his feet. As he stood in front of her, he looked into her eyes and snorted almost inaudibly.

David felt his jaw drop.

He’s apologising!

Finally, Kestral responded. Nuzzling his nose gently, she snuffled softly and backed up a couple of paces.

“What’s she doing?” asked Sue nervously. “I didn’t ask her to do anything!”

Suddenly, Kestral reared and took off at a gallop, Tamarind quickly following suit until he was in the lead.

Sue yelped with surprise and promptly fell off, landing with a soft thump in the long grass.

“Oh God” said David.

“Now there’s two of them”

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