Sunday, 3 May 2009


I've been looking for somewhere to keep all my photostories for a long while now and this looks like it'll be the place!

See the 'About Me' section for more information on myself, 'The Studio' for photos of the 'sets' and 'Beyond The Backdrop' for some behind the scenes stuff on how I make them. :)

EA Equestrian is home to my (growing!) herd of Julip model horses, as well as a few Magpies and other makes.  I love to get comments in the guestbook but could I ask you to please do it 'in character'. Cheers!

When I first got into making them, I had no real 'feel' for the yard yet and as a result, the first few stories aren't particularly detailed with flat, 'cardboard' characters and wishy washy descriptions. Well over a year after the first one was written, I now have a whole backstory for the yard and the surrounding area which has proved invaluable from an author's point of view!

If you're a first time reader I'd just like to reassure you that ok, the first few are really rubbish, but the newer ones are much, much better, so please don't be put off! Pretty much anything after 'The Own-A-Pone Day' is what I would class as reasonably good and of course, the most recent ones will be to a much higher standard, both photographically and otherwise.

If anyone would like to offer me some critiques and/or ideas for future stories or just to chat, then please, don't hesitate to email me at

Fear not, I don't bite and unless you're very, very rude I won't be offended if you give me lots of criticism!