People often ask me the same sort of questions all over again so I thought I might as well compile them all into the one place to save confusion and repetition.

Q: What are Julips?


Speaks for itself really.

Julip have an official shop site and forum 'J-Club' where all are welcome to join and chat about these wonderful horses.

Q: Where did you get your stables from?

From a very generous fellow collector who was moving house and hadn't the space for it. Cheers Erin! ^^ It was made by a company called 'Wolseley' which, as far as I'm aware, are no longer making stables. 'Brushwood Toys' seem to make some very similar designs so I wonder if its the same company but just rebranded. You can buy one from Utterly Horses. I bought a matching one on ebay a while back for a tenner and they seem to crop up fairly regularly so you just need to keep an eye out.

Q: Where did you get all your tack and rugs and things?

I very rarely buy anything that I know I could make myself, so nearly all of my tack is made by little ole' me! At the moment I won't be making anything to sell unless I go on a mad headcollar-making-spree and have run out of horses to give them to so don't hold your breath in the hope of me making you something.

Q: How do you come up with all the ideas for the photostories?

Honestly? I have no idea. Some ideas will just leap into my head for no apparent reason, others I have a vague idea of before I start shooting and then it all slots into place like a jigsaw. There is a (hopefully) subtle story arc woven into them which relates to the history and mythology of the area around Hollowcroft - something I'm going to have great fun with in the future.

Q: Are any of your Julips for sale?

No and they probably never will be! If I do ever have to sell any of my Julips, they will not be sold on ebay or on the 'open market' as it were - I'd only ever offer them to my friends on the condition that they get a 5* home and I get first refusal if they are ever resold.

Q: What make are your non Julip riders?

Most of them are Doctor Who or Primeval figures that I've customised - either by repainting the hair or clothes or resculpting them to make them that little bit different. Because I'm a cheapskate I very rarely buy any of them new and instead wait until the end of the season when they're really cheap in Forbidden Planet or get them secondhand off ebay. I've also started making my own out of sculpey/fimo and pipecleaners which allows for much greater flexibility.